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Features +

  • Metal detector type : people scanner for security system type Portal MINEORO, Model MP36 8AV;
  • Gantry metal detector with structure made of aluminum with epoxy paint finish in light gray color and well finished without sharp points or edges on the user's passage area;
  • Internal measures 700mm wide and 2007,5mm high. 844,6mm external 2206,5mm width and height, depth 696,43mm;
  • Equipped with digital technology, micro processed and non-volatile memory;
  • Immunity to RF communications equipment;
  • The power supply automatically holds input and voltage variation in the range of 100 to 240Vac without the need for user intervention;
  • Does not interfere with pacemaker devices, pregnant women and magnetic recording equipment;
  • Automatic adjustment function by passing the object to be detected;
  • Sensitivity adjusted independently per zone. Auto calibration detector with 80 levels in each program;
  • Immune to crashes , meet the electromagnetic compatibility standards, ensuring its stability in the environment where it will be installed;
  • Do not use masking devices that hide environmental noise such as infrared, photoelectric cells or others requiring the user to pass along with the metal in order to the detector operate;
  • It has 03 frequency channels, providing the installation of multiple devices in the same environment;
  • All programming and settings are via control panel attached to the porch with visualization display and adjusted by keys. It has password for two (2) safety levels, "operator" and "management";
  • Remote monitoring system via Ethernet;

Technical Characteristics +

  • Adjustment possibility of the same commands by remote control;
  • All programming in Portuguese;
  • Light and sound warning detection and this last with volume and tone adjustment to differentiate porch which made the detection if you have more than one installed in the same environment;
  • Multi-zone detector with eight (8) areas with light bar indicative of the position of the metal floor of the rays until the upper limit;
  • Features fault monitoring and anti-sabotage system which will emit sound and light warning in case of communication failure with the transmitting and receiving coils;
  • Protection index: IP55 and EN 60529;
  • Preprogrammed detection levels;
  • Ambient temperature: compatible with the operating environment (from -5 ° to 60 °);
  • Humidity: compatible with the operating environment (0-95%);
  • Power consumption: 50W (AC), 40W (DC);
  • Immune to signal interference;
  • Accordance with International Standards for Electrical Safety and EMC;

Differential +

  • Performs self-diagnostic that accuses possible failures.
  • Does not detect small objects like cigarette packs, coins and watches.

Standards +

  • Immune to interference according to international standards, including communication radios VHF and UHF;
  • Meets international standards - NILECJ-STD-0601; NBR5410; IEC 1000-4-2 and CISPR22;
  • Magnetic field of low intensity, causes no problems in users with heart pacemakers and pregnant women;
  • Does not damage media like pen drive, CDs; DVDs; magnetic cards or electronic devices such as mobile phones or tablets, etc ..


Optional +

  • Computer interface, RS-232 / USB protocol;
  • Communication software which issues reports of inputs, outputs, detection and schedules;
  • Available colors: Grey Anodized, White or Black;
  • Special Color (Contact us).
  • Detection Indicator by LED bar at the side of the transit;

More Details +

  • 1 year warranty.
  • Approved by the University of Southern Santa Catarina (UNISUL).
  • Meets international and national standards NILECJ-STD-0601; NBR5410; IEC 1000-4-2 and CISPR22.
  • Aluminum structure.