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More than 50 years ago it was set up in Brazil the first company dedicated exclusively to the development of metal detectors equipment for various applications.
Since then, MINEORO® conducts research and incorportate new technologies  nationally and internationally, always thinking of making the everyday life of people safer in their workplaces, at their homes or institutions where security becomes a must-have item for the comfort of its customers, taxpayers and employees.  MINEORO® team bet constantly in expertise and security solutions for each segment.
 MINEORO® metal detectors are used in revolving doors, conveyor belts, booths, portals detectors, manual detectors, stools, among others. These detectors use the latest technology and are approved by international safety standards by renowned institutions and universities.
In the late 80s, MINEORO® placed in the Brazilian market revolving doors with metal detector as an effective response to criminal organizations . At that time, criminals specialized in robbing financial institutions. During this period, the first doors were installed in a  renowned Brazilian bank, with great success. The facts took it upon themselves to prove their effectiveness. Since then, every year hundreds of these devices are installed not only in banks but also in all kinds of establishments.
In the mid-90s, the crime turned to theft  exchange offices, jewelry stores and condominiums. In response,  MINEORO® launched to the market the booth with rotary and automatic metal detector that meets local less flow of people and the need for access control of these environments.
In the Access Control area and personal security, MINEORO® has a wide range of products that meet the demands of today's market. They offer security solutions tailored to individual client needs, throughout the vast Brazilian territory

MINEORO® develops metal detectors for the industrial sector, food and pharmaceutical, with the aim of helping the quality processes and the prevention of accidents. These devices coupled to conveyor belts are capable of detecting small metal particles that may be contaminating the food and / or industrial processes.
In parallel, from 1959 to MINEORO® has worked in the development of directional detectors with long-distance classifier substances. The results could not have been more rewarding. Our last directional model, FG.90 is surprising the world market with incredible discoveries and therefore we can say that MINEORO® is at the forefront in terms of  long distance metaldetection with classifier .  Treasure hunters have excellent option to find coins, nuggets, safes, jewelry, gold bars and other precious metal, from long distances and depths, anywhere in the world.
Knowledge is the key factor of our success and one of the cornerstones of our business philosophy. Confirmation of this are more than 10,000 industrial equipment installed by MINEORO® in establishments throughout the country and abroad.
Today MINEORO® has an agile and versatile structure, with representatives and stores  in all Brazilian states, South and Central America. The core values ​​of MINEORO® are summarized in integrity, efficiency in quality and specialized services for our customers and the general public. These values ​​provide guidance to our employees, to the reliability of our customers, our partners and the community around us.

Remain a leader in quality, ethics and innovation. Seeking continuous improvement of the organization's processes , in order to satisfy customers, employees and shareholders.

Constant innovation in products , using the latest technology, providing efficient security solutions for the Brazilian and international community.

Compromise in developing, producing and selling metal detectors prioritizing the continuous improvement of the processes, products and services , thus ensuring the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of our customers.