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AVAL 3000

Features +

  • Detection system from the central axis, allowing the exit location of the user without passing through the detection area while avoiding unnecessary blocking and without interrupting the flow of people entering the establishment;
  • Equipped with digital microprocessor metal detector MP36 model with eight (8) detection areas;
  • Recorded voice message with warning detection and instructions for procedures in case of metal detection;
  • In the default setting, does not detect personal items like clock, small cell, sauce of small keys, necklaces and bracelets small, not concentrated in one place of the body;
  • Control panel MP36 model indicating what position is it metal detected through LEDs on the control panel;
  • Automatic locking in metal detection or manually via remote control;
  • Unlock only via the remote control;
  • Sensitivity adjustment for detection area;
  • All settings can be performed via the control panel with digital display, buttons for commands and access by password of four (4) digits, preventing use by unauthorized persons;
  • Central shaft with three (3) rotating blades (see picture);
  • External flat glass (see picture);
  • Progressive braking that softens the locking of the turning blades, leaving them gradually heavier to its final block (whenever there are metal detection);
  • Return system with free rotating 60 ° (sixty degrees) allows the user to withdraw comfortably from the machine whenever there blocking metal detection;
  • Positioning system of blades that always maintain its original position to receive those entering as well as leaving the establishment;
  • Night lock which prevents the movement of the blades;
  • System "on break" which guarantees autonomy in the operation of the equipment for up to six (6) hours without electricity.

Technical Characteristics +

  • Structure in aluminum with external tempered flat glass;
  • Electrostatic painting anodized standard gray color;
  • Automatic calibration of the receiving coil;
  • Sensitivity 100 (one hundred) setting levels independently by area;
  • Graphic display for displaying the level of the detection signal;
  • System UPS 12 Vcd (4 to 8 hours);
  • Divided in up to eight (8) independent detection areas;
  • Power supply variation prepared for voltages of 100 to 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz automatic;
  • It operates in environments with 0-95% humidity ,non condensed;
  • Frequency levels: 0-15;
  • Buzzer with volume adjustment;
  • Multiple frequency channels enabling the installation of several devices side by side;
  • Self-diagnosis accusing possible failures in the system;
  • Non-volatile memory EEPROM technology (requires no battery to store your data);
  • Panel with numeric access password with 4 digits and 2 levels (user / technician);
  • Relay output (10 A) NA / NF allowing to command or trigger other devices from the detection signal;
  • On / off switch on the control panel.

Differential +

  • Shielding interference.
  • System for progressive braking, does not impact the detection.


Standards +

  • Immune to interference according to international standards, including communication radios VHF and UHF;
  • Meets international standards - NILECJ-STD-0601; NBR5410; IEC 1000-4-2 and CISPR22;
  • Magnetic field of low intensity, causes no problems in users with heart pacemakers and pregnant women;
  • Does not damage media like pen drive, CDs; DVDs; magnetic cards or electronic devices such as mobile phones or tablets, etc ..


Optional +

  • Computer interface, RS-232 / USB protocol;
  • Communication software which issues reports of inputs, outputs, detection and schedules;
  • Available colors: Grey Anodized, White or Black;
  • Special Color (Contact us).
  • Detection Indicator by LED bar at the side of the transit;

More Details +

  • 1 year warranty.
  • Approved by the University of Southern Santa Catarina (UNISUL).
  • Meets international and national standards NILECJ-STD-0601; NBR5410; IEC 1000-4-2 and CISPR22.
  • Aluminum structure.
  • Tempered glass.